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  • according to archeological findings locality of the current town Sliac was settled as early as 2000 years B.C. ,
  • but the first written mention was dated to 1244 about one of the former settlements called Hajniky ( the other Rybare), as villages belonging to the Zvolen Castle and which provided forestry and fishing services for its nobility
  • at this time also healing effects of local water springs were found firstly by local people who after working used them for drinking and washing, the locality started to be called Thermae Ribariensis
  • the healing effects of the local springs were appreciated by the King Matej Korvin with his wife Beatrix who visited the place in 1478
  • during the 16th century people living here were suffering from several Turkish raids
  • in 1768 the publication “De Thermis Ribariensibus in Hungaria” by Daniel Wipacker was published in Leipzig
  • in the 19th  century a big development of spa takes place
  • during II World War a local airfield was set up to receive help for the Slovak National Uprising with headquarters in nearby Banska Bystrica
  • in 1969 after merger of the two villages Sliac is given its name and granted town privileges

Today Sliac has

  • Mayor, deputy mayor, 11 councilors (It also administers the adjacent village Sampor)
  • about 5000 inhabitants
  • one elementary and one art school
  • two churches
  • international airport

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